COVID-19 Data & Innovation Centre

In 2020, Cepei created this platform to deliver information, evidence, knowledge, innovation strategies, and policy recommendations to the UN COVID-19 Multi-Partner Trust Fund in their purpose of strengthening response and recovery actions in the Global South.


Find the most complete information on our core working topics: COVID-19 recovery, the 5 pillars of the UN socioeconomic response framework, what is Tableau, and much more. 


We ideate, launch, and grow partnerships with the private and public sectors, academia, civil society, and with every bellwether in the South who has a role in moving humanity towards meeting the 17 Objectives in the 2030 Agenda. We never work alone. We collect and analyze the most current, creative, and robust data and analysis from all our sources and partners.


Cepei is an independent think tank headquartered in Bogota, Colombia. Using data and analysis, it empowers people and institutions to find pathways towards sustainable development.

Since 2002, Cepei has worked globally specializing in Latin America and the Caribbean.

For 20 years, Cepei has advanced multi-stakeholder dialogue, generated evidence for decision-making, and expanded the production and use of qualified open data across sectors and regions with partners like multilateral organizations, the private sector, academia, governments, and civil society.


Philipp Schönrock

Team Leader

Luisa Córdoba

MPC Unit Manager


Juanita Olarte

Estrategy and Operations


Hernán Muñoz

Data Ecosystem Advisor

Roy Nijhof

Independent Full-Stack & Data Viz Developer

Alexandra Roldán

Communications Coordinator


CoreWoman is an innovation lab for women’s empowerment that works to close gender gaps in education and the labor market. During the COVID-19 pandemic they created an initiative to monitor the effect of the crisis on women and propose solutions for economic reactivation and has become an ally of Cepei to develop research from a gender perspective.

Susana Martinez

Co-founder and Executive Director of CoreWoman

Erika Martínez

Research Assistant at Corewoman

Lina Tafur

Research Assistant at Corewoman

Pablo Cortes

Research Assistant at CoreWoman

Laura Silva

Research Assistant at Corewoman