In 2020, Cepei created the Data and Innovation COVID-19 Centre to deliver information, evidence, knowledge, innovation strategies, territorial requirements, and policy recommendations to the UN COVID-19 Multi-Partner Trust Fund in their purpose of strengthening response and recovery actions in the Global South. The Centre aims to:

  • Give academia, CSO and other stakeholders a voice in the reopening pathway in all countries.
  • Open up the dialogue through data.
  • Track resources, analysis and has access to missing, privileged information.
  • Shine a spotlight on immediate needs, response strategies, and how these interact with pre-existing vulnerabilities.
  • Provide better information on impact to donors.

About Cepei

Cepei is an independent, non-profit, Global South, data-driven think tank, working through field based analysis and high-level advocacy to scale up a multi-stakeholder participation within the sustainable development agendas at all levels.

Since 2002, Cepei has been working closely with decision makers by conducting numerous targeted research projects and proposed policy strategies. Its initiatives aim to generate capacities and provide demand driven data to ensure that the development community is supported to make a meaningful and sustained contribution to the implementation process of the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).



Philipp Schönrock

Team Leader

Luisa Córdoba

MPC Unit Manager

Juanita Olarte

Planning and Evaluation


Hernán Muñoz

Data Ecosystem Advisor

Günther Bachmann

Senior Innovation Advisor

Julián Alvarado

Co-founder GLocation Spin Off Servinformación

Juan Uribe

Co-founder GLocation Spin Off Servinformación

Wilson Espitia

Pipelines and MapBox Developer & Last Mile Tablea Co-founder GLocation Spin Off Servinformación

Andrés López

CKAN & Decidim infrastructure & Tableau enthusiastic GLocation

Elkin Guerrero

CKAN Developer GLocation

Yenith Polanco

Quality professional and Decidim administrator GLocation

Angie Perdomo

GCP security & Tableau enthusiastic GLocation

Roy Nijhof

Independent Full-Stack & Data Viz Developer

Alexandra Roldán

Communications Coordinator

Juliana Jara

Content Manager

Marisol Valencia

Graphic Designer

David Vargas

Graphic Designer

Vivian González

Community Manager

Valentina Sequeda

Content Administrator

Our Partnerships

We ideate, launch, and grow partnerships with the private and public sectors, academia, civil society, and with every bellwether in the South who has a role in moving humanity towards meeting the 17 Objectives in the 2030 Agenda. We never work alone. We collect and analyze the most current, creative, and robust data and analysis from all our sources and partners.

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