Global Data Terminal

The Global Data Terminal (GDT) contains a broad set of data from multiple countries on the planet and the socioeconomic and environmental impacts of COVID-19. It presents specific information gathered through traditional and non-traditional information flows. We analyze this data and research the COVID-19 dynamics in the Global South’s response and recovery process.

You will find complete information through raw data, tables, graphs, visualizations, maps and other formats available to users for downloading and using information. 


The COVID-19 MPTF investments and operations are guided by the UN Framework for the Immediate Socio-economic Response to COVID-19, which articulates five pillars to tackle the impacts of the pandemic. These five pillars are connected to two cross-cutting areas to build back better: Green Recovery and Gender equality.

At the COVID-19 Data & Innovation Centre you can find data visualizations on the socioeconomic aspects of the pandemic for each of these streams. Check it out!

Health First

COVID-19 contrast with mobility

Data on confirmed COVID-19 cases, active cases and deaths can be specifically observed, along with information on air travel departures data and a categorized mobility index for the national level.

Users may filter this board by active cases, confirmed cases, deceased and recovered to analyze each specific case and download, access or plug all data from our open data platform.


Excess Mortality

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Tools & Resources

National Terminals

The National Data Terminals are platforms for tracking the impact of each country’s response and recovery strategies. Besides the data, they strengthen the  information gathering process deeply rooted in local contexts to enrich a global view.

Node Terminal

Tailor-made to articulate local needs with policy decision-makers and stakeholders.
It promotes a participatory process, supports advanced data analytics, informs policy implementation, and encourages innovation. It is a space for co-creation, and knowledge-sharing.

Open Data

A space designed for access to all information in the Data Centre for analysis & research of COVID-19 dynamics in Global South´s response & recovery processes. We make raw data, tables, graphs, & maps available to users for downloading.

DATALAB Architecture

Our information architecture defines our data structure, which provides a general framework for functionality, services development and implementation, fundamentally designed on two major blocks: backend and front end.

Country Profiles & Recovery Plans

Country Profiles provide  information related to each country´s recovery and responde plans. Our Country Profiles get enhanced when our alliances with national actors grow, and they are the gateway to all products derived from collaboration with each country.

Participation & Citizen Generated Data (CGD)

Participation & CGD

Datalab´s participation strategy has partnered with Decidim allowing mass participation processes for strategic planning, participatory budgeting, public consultation, collaborative design for regulations, urban spaces and election processes.

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Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Results of interpretation and research processes on relationships, causes and generation of knowledge by using traditional statistical tools, algorithms, data mining, artificial intelligence and data science. We deliver knowledge that informs about COVID-19 response and recovery processes.

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Data Stories

Data Stories

Data is more approachable when there is a story involved. Our Data Stories communicate clear, forceful and timely messages. They are constructed from selected topics. Evidence and data visualizations are used to enrich the transmedia content of the stories.

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