Cepei | A Data-driven Think Tank from the Global South

Oct 13, 2021

Cepei is a Global South, independent think tank established in 2002 and headquartered in Bogota, Colombia.

Cepei runs on diversity and the creativity of its multidisciplinary team of issue experts and partners worldwide.

Organizations from the United Nations system, international cooperation agencies, governments, the private and philanthropic sectors, academia, and global civil society, trust Cepei and the resources we generate.

Cepei is committed to efficiency and transparency principles and we carry this commitment to every dimension of our work. We are global citizens thrilled by the possibilities that happen at the intersection of human and data connections.

While focusing on Latin America and the Caribbean, we work globally.


Based on data and analysis, we empower people and institutions to find pathways towards sustainable development.


To be a global driver of action from the South to impact change towards sustainable development, through knowledge and partnerships.


Cepei has two decades of experience providing data and creating knowledge to support, monitor, and analyze global development agendas.

Our approach to partnering with Sustainable Development stakeholders  places us as a benchmark think tank in the South.

How do we drive change?

  • We promote multi-stakeholder collaboration for the co-creation of knowledge and evidence.
  • We enrich the global data ecosystem by accessing non-traditional data sources.
  • We conduct high-impact advocacy to drive change at the global, regional, national, and subnational levels.
  • We strengthen capacities, skills, and leadership for decision-making based on evidence.


 Three strategic pillars guide our work.

  • Asset development: strengthening the tangible and intangible capabilities needed to achieve our vision.
  • Impact generation through a relevant value offer and the visibility of its programs and projects.
  • Broaden our global reach in line with the vision of being a global driver of action for the South.


Our 2021-2023 Programmatic Offer

1. Communications and Outreach
Ensures Cepei’s brand quality, builds capacities by sharing knowledge across stakeholders, and enhances the narrative for open and quality data.

2. Bring data closer to decision-makers
Cepei finds and analyzes data, and creates visualizations and outreach strategies for more effective and efficient contributions to the SDGs.

3. Co-create and build critical capacities
Taking on challenging political and multilateral processes, we learn with our partners and strengthen skills and competencies across sectors and geographies.

4. Research and updates
We produce knowledge grounded on research projects in partnership with academia, foundations, research institutes, and think tanks for managing development results.

5. Engage in the global sustainable development process Cepei participates and takes the lead in the global, regional, and national development agendas.

6. Inform and empower stakeholders
Cepei’s ideas, products, and insights reach influential stakeholders, leaders, and their networks. Our approach for creating knowledge allows us to build bridges for more inclusive societies.

Partnering with Cepei is Partnering with the Global South

Become a partner. We build creative collaborations with governments, multilateral agencies, media, civil society, academia, the private sector, and key stakeholders in the data ecosystem.

Become a skills-based fellow. We never work alone and invite practitioners who can apply their knowledge and share their talent and creativity to improve the quality of and access to data.

Donate. We run cost-efficient programs and creative partnerships for idoneous teams to tackle challenges and positively impact our communities. We welcome your contribution.