COVID-19 Data and Innovation Centre Partnerships and Data to #BuildForwardBetter

Oct 13, 2021

Global policy processes to protect humanity’s gains towards meeting the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) have been accelerated by the pandemic. Knowledge to recovery, consistency and creativity will be essential to come back stronger, despite the serious setbacks.

Why use the COVID-19 Data and Innovation Centre?

There are a multitude of ideas to improve national and local plans for socioeconomic and environmental recovery. We could do a better job at connecting these ideas. This gap from thinking to action is a barrier to better decision making.

By making connections between diverse ideas for recovery that leaves no one behind, the Centre brings unique value to governments, the United Nations, Civil Society, Academia, philanthropy, and the private sector.

The Centre produces data-driven knowledge that informs decision-makers and provides evidence for resources to flow where they are critically needed. The Centre brings knowledge from the South to the world.

What is the COVID-19 Data and Innovation Centre?

A digital platform that presents a complete country-by-country view of their recovery.

Developed in partnership with the UN COVID-19 MPTF, the Centre provides evidence to optimize available resources allocation —both from the UN and other sources— to fill the gaps caused by the pandemic in low- and middle- income countries. The Centre has two pillars:

  • Data analytics and innovation: We make sense of data sources and information flows to support robust response and recovery policy design, program implementation, and evaluations. We produce timely insights and actionable recommendations.
  • Multi-stakeholder partnerships: We never work alone. We connect to stakeholders at every level, working on the non-health-related dimensions of COVID-19’s impact in communities worldwide. We ideate, launch, and grow partnerships with the private and public sectors, academia, civil society, and every stakeholder and leader who has a role in moving humanity towards meeting the SDGs.

From the South to the World: Interconnected Solutions

1. Recovery pillars

Information platform containing data visualizations on the socio-economic impacts of the pandemic at the global level. It provides an analysis of data collected with traditional and non-traditional data flows, organized according to the five pillars of the UN Framework for Immediate Socio-Economic Response to COVID-19.

2. Global Terminal

From data to insights on COVID-19 in the countries of the Global South. Find a general pandemic context, a ranking that contrasts metrics, daily and weekly rate of infections and deaths, and an initial trend and forecast model.

3. Country Profiles

An instant guide to the impacts of the pandemic in the countries of the Global South. Our Country Profiles offer a selection of critical socioeconomic data analysis on COVID-19 effects to help decision-makers in the formulation of response and recovery strategies.

4. Open Data

Open Data is a space designed and created for full and permanent access to all information available in the Data and Innovation Centre for analysis and research of COVID-19 dynamics in Global South´s response and recovery processes. We make raw data, tables, graphs, maps and other formats available to users for downloading and using information.

5. Data Stories

Data is more approachable when there is a story involved. Our Data Stories communicate clear, forceful and timely messages. They are constructed from selected topics. Evidence and data visualizations are used to enrich the transmedia content of the stories.

About Cepei

Cepei is a Global South, independent, non-profit, non-governmental think tank.

Powered by the diversity, creativity, and innovation of its multidisciplinary team and partners, Cepei promotes multi-stakeholder dialogue, generates evidence for more informed decision-making at all levels, and encourages and powers the production and use of high-quality data across sectors and geographies for global agendas on sustainable development.

The COVID-19 Data and Innovation Centre is made possible with support from the Tableau Foundation.