Explore COVID-19 country specific data through our National and Global Data Terminal

Nov 17, 2020

Our terminals are dedicated to explore data and information from each country where we can detect specific problems and explore better temporal resolutions. We do this through the National Data Terminal (NDT) and the Global Data Terminal (GDT).

To collect information, we have the support of allies, allowing us to create behavioral reports regarding the COVID-19 pandemic in order to examine possible solutions depending on the needs of each country. 

This is possible to do by analyzing the information coming from the national data ecosystems that are fed to the National Data Terminal (NDT) and our Global Data Terminal, where we gather different data flows we receive from multiple countries around the world.

Global Data Terminals

We present information and data in a  friendly way for journalists, teachers, students, researchers, and decision makers to be used. 

It contains global data and information  from countries around the world, which allows us to produce data based analysis about how countries are recovering from the COVID-19 crisis. 

Data Lab Knowledge Graph

The Knowledge Graph supports the Global Data Terminal (GDT) through processes and information that organizes data into different variables and categorizes them through the thematic groups prioritized by the response and recovery plans for COVID-19. The diagram is constantly updated as the Centre’s data platform is enhanced.

Graphic Driven Visualization

Our greatest ally, Tableau makes it possible for us to offer information through our Centre for Data and Innovation in an interactive and easy way: user friendly maps and graphs make information more accessible and understandable . Graphic visualizations will allow users to identify patterns, trends, and relationships between variables, making it possible to answer multiple questions.

Geographic Driven Visualization

We believe that understanding geographic perspectives through graphics and visuals is critical for creating an analytical network in our Data and Innovation Centre model.

Thanks  to our ally Mapbox, we are able to visualize and understand the importance and power of information regarding the needs and solutions surrounding COVID-19.

National Data Terminals (NDT)

The NDTs are platforms for tracking the impact of each country’s response and recovery strategies. Besides the data, the platform strengthens an information-gathering process deeply rooted in local contexts to enrich a global view.