From the South to the World: Global and National COVID-19 information sources

Nov 13, 2020

Our data terminals present multiple global and national sources and information flows. 

The Global Data Terminal (GDT) is an information platform connecting high-quality traditional and non-traditional data and information flows. It contains a broad set of data that comes from structured sources of information from multiple countries. 

On the other hand, the National Data Terminal (NDT) are platforms for tracking the impact of each country’s response and recovery strategies. Besides the data, the platform strengthens the  information gathering process deeply rooted in local contexts to enrich a global view.

How are COVID-19 recovery and response information flows presented and what are you able to do with them? 

Go above and beyond. Transform data into actionable insights. View, interact and explore our customizable data visualizations (dataviz) that facilitate the analysis to inform decisions and assist cooperation.

What information do we have available? 

Knowledge Graph

The Knowledge Graph outlines the processes and the information that supports the Global Data Terminal (GDT). It connects sources with the archipelago of variables and categorizes them through the thematic groups prioritized by the response and recovery plans for COVID-19. The diagram is constantly updated as the Centre´s data platform is enhanced. 

Graphic Driven Visualization (Tableau) 

We prioritize visualizations  through graphs in alliance with Tableau. Our aim is to facilitate the process of  spreading data, information and results of our work in order to generate knowledge, recommendations, and public policy proposals. The graphic visualization allows users to identify patterns, trends, and relationships between variables in order to  facilitate the interaction between the user and the data, making it possible to answer multiple questions.

Graphic Driven Visualization (Mapbox) 

The visualization of information from a geographic perspective is critical for implementing concepts such as complexity or networks in the analytical model of the Data and Innovation Centre. Thanks to our ally Mapbox we can develop visualizations that allow us to recognize the power of information organized under geographical criteria to generate pertinent and relevant knowledge regarding the needs of the response and recovery processes against COVID-19.

Are you a journalist, student, teacher, policy-maker, researcher interested in national and global information on COVID-19? We got you! View, interact and explore our customizable data visualizations. 

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