Discover how COVID-19 has affected your country through our Data Terminal

Jan 25, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic was disruptive. Not even governments were prepared to take on a virus that, in addition to affecting the health of millions of people, would generate a social and economic crisis that is currently going through a recovery process. 

In order to make the right decisions to mitigate these socioeconomic impacts  it is critical to have access to sufficient, high-quality and disaggregated data that supports decision making. Global, regional, national and local information is essential to keep  decision makers informed, when formulating  response and recovery strategies.

The COVID-19 Data & Innovation Centre makes available a National Terminal entirely dedicated to publishing, through interactive dashboards and visualizations, specific information on how the pandemic has affected different socioeconomic dimensions in countries of the Global South.  

The Centre is developed in partnership with the United Nations Multi-partner Trust  Fund for COVID-19 Response and Recovery (MPTF), proving evidence to optimize the allocation of available resources, both from the UN and other sources, to address  the gaps caused by the pandemic in low and middle-income countries.

How can you find information on your country?

In the Data section of our website, under National Terminals, you will be able to find a list of countries in an ongoing process where information is updated frequently to collect and provide information related to COVID-19 and its impact in different areas. Information is presented through data visualizations, which we have been able to develop thanks to the support of Tableau. 

Right now we have relevant information from countries like Colombia, Ecuador, Cameroon, Rwanda and Nigeria

The COVID-19 MPTF investments and operations are guided by the UN Framework for the Immediate socio-economic Response to COVID-19, which articulates five pillars to tackle the impacts of the pandemic. These five pillars are connected to two cross-cutting areas to build back better: Green Recovery and Gender equality. The visualizations and information presented in our National Terminals is organized according to these pillars. 

How to navigate?

These boards are interactive and will allow you to play and discover new information. Tables, graphs, maps and other visualizations are available with specified dates, places and subjects.

For example, if you want to know how the economy of your country has changed recently, go to  the Economic Response & Recovery pillar, and you will be able to see information on which economic activities have grown and decreased the most due to the pandemic.

Our data is able to provide meaningful insights of how the world has transformed, so that we can understand the dynamics and decisions that are being taken in order to recover better and achieve the Sustainable development Goals.  

Interact with our boards!

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