Tableau, the perfect ally to bring insights about COVID-19

Feb 3, 2021

The COVID-19 Data & Innovation Center is recognized for the valuable information and data it offers regarding how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the world and its population in different areas. In addition to the data that we collect and release, the way in which we present this information about COVID-19 is of great value. We do it through interactive dashboards and maps generated through amazing tools. Our great ally, Tableau, brings insights about COVID-19 and allows everyone to understand and find information about how the pandemic has transformed the world.

What do we mean by interactive dashboards?

 Look at our National Terminals. It offers information about each country from which we have collected and analyzed information. The  board are organized by the  UN Framework for the Immediate Socio-economic Response to COVID-19, which articulates five pillars to tackle the impacts of the pandemic. These five pillars are connected to two cross-cutting areas to build back better: Green Recovery and Gender equality.

In addition to being visually attractive, these boards allow users to play within them and find any type of information in an intuitive and simple way. You don’t need to be a developer, know about  coding or be a software expert to be part of the Tableau Experience. .

Specific information can be found on each board. For example, on the COVID-CONTRAST WITH MOBILITY dashboard, in the United States, you will find specific data on how the inhabitants of this country mobilized within and outside their country. How was international mobility during 2020? How was the internal mobility in parks and transit stations? All this information is just one click away in our dashboards generated on  Tableau.

What type of information can you find?

  • Each board contains specific information on socio-economic issues. So far, each country at the National Terminal has specific boards on topics such as: Policy tracker and mobility report with covid data.
  • COVID contrast with mobility
  • Education
  • Gender based inequality report
  • Natural disasters during 2020
  • The policy tracker of each country

Thank you, Tableau!

With the support of Tableau, the COVID-19 Data & Innovation Center became a reality. The Center is an initiative powered by Cepei, an independent, non-profit think tank. Based on data and analysis, it empowers people and institutions to find pathways towards sustainable development.

The Center is the result of the unconditional support of a platform that allows us to collect valuable information that is then analyzed and published to support decision-makers to take action to recover from the pandemic and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and the 2030 Agenda, which seeks to find solutions that benefit the inhabitants and the planet during and after this situation.