Welcome to our user-friendly open data platform

Nov 13, 2020

The Open Data is a space designed and created for full and permanent access to all information available in the Data and Innovation Centre for analysis and research of COVID-19 dynamics in the Global South’s response and recovery processes, as well as the impact of the pandemic in territorial economies. Using contemporary Open Data strategies, the Data Warehouse makes raw data, tables, graphs, maps and other formats available to users for downloading and using information.

Based on the principles of open data and using CKAN’s trajectory to facilitate the exchange of datasets, we have developed a platform capable of facilitating access and previews, complemented with basic processing and connectivity with social networks and other means of exchange.

Our Datasets 

Datasets available in the Open Data section come from multiple global sources of information and display cross-sectional information for all countries. These datasets have been selected to cover a wide spectrum of topics related to the dimensions of response and recovery in economic, social and political dimensions related to COVID-19. Each dataset has its own attributes and can be downloaded in different formats according to the information available for each one of them.

Are you a data scientist or analyst seeking for data sources? We got you! Raw data, tables, graphs, maps and other formats available to download and preview at your convenience. 

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