Node terminal

Tailor-made to articulate local needs with policy decision-makers and stakeholders. The LNPP promotes a participatory process, supports advanced data analytics, informs policy implementation, and encourages innovation. The LNDP is a space for collaboration, co-creation, and knowledge-sharing. They facilitate a project’s scalability and replication in multiple Global South loci.

NODE #0: Valle del Cauca, Colombia

Our Node #0 is the fundament of our node platform. We are ready to deploy the strategy wherever we find data-lead and data-motivated partners looking to organize their response and recovery strategies and plan around information and knowledge along with capacities development. Based on openness, collaborative and sharing principles.

The COVID-19 Data and Innovation Centre partnered with Universidad ICESI via its Centro de Investigación Economía y Finanzas (CIENFI), in order to deploy capacities and share data, information and knowledge experiences on both sides. We have developed a clearly defined geographic approach for the project, organized datasets and facilitated usability through information dashboards, open data, citizen generated data, data analytics and other resources to facilitate social comprehensive conversations supporting response and recovery actions at the local level.

The following dashboards present our general data platform serving node #0 which provides the general framework for our analytical capacities, open data platform and public policy interaction.

Population involved in the reopening of schools

Return to pre-pandemic index for employed

Return to pre-pandemic index for unemployment rate


Return to Pre-Pandemic Index for accommodation sector

COVID Colombia

Contraste entre las tasas de fallecimiento y recuperación por COVID-19 en Colombia