What are we doing

Working alliance for the development of activities that intend to deploy the global strategy of identification and anticipation of the needs of the COVID-19 fund of the United Nations.

The project is currently in the development of three main lines of action:

1. Global information terminal for response and recovery for the pandemic situation derived by COVID-19: This line of action involves the design, construction and development of an interconnection platform for multiple information sources that aims to provide services to wide audiences where data analysts and scientists, public policy actors and journalists stand out.

2. National Response and Recovery Plans – Data Landscape Analysis: This line of action seeks the development of specific analysis of information gaps required to follow-up on the plans proposed by the countries, which will serve for the future development of partnerships to strengthen statistical and information capacities, that enables to strengthen the implementation of the plans in each country.

3. Establishment, development and strengthening of the node strategy: In order to achieve the main objective of the project and the tasks entrusted by the office of the UN Secretary General, the DATALAB has developed a node strategy that allows replication and scalability of the initiative with global scope based on territorial partnerships where information is put at the service of the deployment of public policies.